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Old 10-04-09, 23:19
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Default avgssie.dll

Hi all, been searching the forums for this one that has been happening to me for a while now. I run AVG and Zone Alarm on my Windows XP Dell 5000. Recently, if I do a Google Search on my Internet Explorer using my Google Toolbar, my IE will free and say it has an error and has to close. This can be REALLY annoying if I have lots of tabs open that I am working on. It then says something about Windows having a problem with avgssie.dll and do I want to send a message to Windows. Whether I say Send or Don't Send the error message to Microsoft, I am stuck, can't do anything in IE and clicking Send or Don't Send just shuts down all my IE windows. What is this please and how can I fix it?

Thank you.
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Old 11-04-09, 08:01
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Default Re: avgssie.dll

As far as I can tell that file is used by AVG to install what's known as a Browser Helper Object (BHO). It's supposed to be a Link Scanner that detects links on the web which might be dodgy. From what I've read it is more trouble than it's worth and most HJT helpers are actually removing that item in HJT logs.

To get rid of it, open IE8 and click on Tools, Manage Add-ons. Scan down the list until you find one with a description something like Worm Radar or IESite Blocker. Highlight it and then click Disable. Try running for a few days and if everything is OK we can try removing it completely.
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Old 11-04-09, 11:32
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Default Re: avgssie.dll

Thanx for that. Did what you said and it came up as AVG Safe Search. I've now disabled it so will let you know how I get on...
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