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Old 21-12-16, 08:03
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Default CD BurnerXP users

My "Kaspersky Updater" informed me that my version of "cdburnerXP" was out of date. So I went to the below.


On reading through the T & C's, I noticed that part of the download was for "InstallCore" of which I was not sure of. On checking Google, it stated that this was a PUP.

Quote ""Install Core" is an installer which bundles legitimate applications with offers for additional third party applications that may be unwanted by the user."

Going back to the download page I noted that under the main download was a "More downloads" part, in blue. On opening this it gave various downloads, one which was for, "without InstallCore" for Win 10, etc.

I have used CD Burner for a long time and I know WU have given it the thumbs up so I am not sure if this "extra" is a new addition to the CD burner download, and therefore I thought I would post this cautionary message in case you may be updating.

I have downloaded the "InstallCore " free version and nothing adverse to report so far.

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Old 21-12-16, 08:12
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Default Re: CD BurnerXP users

Thanks for th tip. It's my burner of choice in an old version.
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