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Old 23-07-12, 23:18
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Default best wifi extender for the VM superhub

i need to extend my wifi signal so i can get a signal in my back garden. i'm on 60mb broadband with virgin media with a super hub installed and running in my upstairs front bedroom. the signal is fine in the house but i get absolutely no signal in my back garden.

now i already have a couple of wireless routers that are sat in a box doing nothing, could they be used to extend my wifi signal? they are
1. netgear wgr614
2. another super hub

if not could someone recommend an extender that would work alongside my current set-up,

many thanks,

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Old 23-07-12, 23:52
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Default Re: best wifi extender for the VM superhub

Adding a repeater is possible - you may like to read this article from Virgin that explains how you may be able to improve your wireless range and also how to add a repeater or use modem mode.

Have you considered moving your router downstairs and then using a homeplug/homeplugs upstairs? You can then opt to have wireless or ethernet connections on any pc's you have upstairs.
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