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Old 27-06-18, 17:36
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Smile Wow! Thanks but no change felt

Thought I'd share this with you
Just had 2 unscheduled Speed Boosts on this Landline (this week) and The numbers as I can reveal in a moment are , in the 2nd Phase "silly money"
My original speed was @ New year 2018 Ca 3000 Kbps/930 kb And was expanding my LAN connections Pretty stable (45 Ping)
Then just before Easter the line speed increased to 4033 Kbps / 950 kbps / 35 ping
Now this pair which I did not ask for or expect
First was 5000 kbps/ 950 kbps Ping untested. estimate in the 20's
Now my silly money (as of the post time) Declaration 7033 kbps/952 kbps
as for the ping(same location) this is Just 14 when I ran the Speedtest app which gives a much lower router value when viewed from the server as you can see from this screenshot.
I use the method to see the speed .Does not Ping Test unless I make a direct Command line request
Only Con
While the big Download number & Ping Numbers are Amazing the UpStream Connection Speed Number Value is virtually Static @ 950 to 952 Kbps
I'm certain it's been in the low 1000's a few years ago so is there any tips on this? Is it Connection box or Exchange related?
BTW Have not had the current Router updated on Firmware nor changed to a Spare.
You're Welcome.
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