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Default The Cloud ,how to get best value from it

In recent years Cloud /Personal Storage/computing has been slowly Growing and taken a lot of Stored Data off our Hard Drives and of course it's portable

I wonder if WU or CA would run an Article about this Godsend which does not count [usually] toward Personal Webspace storage if tied to a Personal Web account
There is also the Virtual drive Web Storage Facilities which may Go Premium if you go beyond the Boundary. Places like Google Drive ,Yandex.Drive and OneDrive (W10) Make for a Future group test . PS Yahoo Drive Is not included Because it shares the 1 TB email Box Data
Coming the other way How about the Apps which are "held" in the Server Cloud thus relieving the PC of directly running that app . Have never had a Crash off this angle
Come a long way from the 15 MB Personal webspace allocation of the late 1990's /Early 2000's >YouTube Cloud storage is another matter when uploading to that place Some estimates say it's 50 Petabytes (Link data is dated 2009!) .....https://goo.gl/NJghir (Discussion is ongoing)
You're Welcome.
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