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Old 11-05-18, 18:40
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Thumbs up Re: orange triangle

Hi Moonshine, your full size image is the first time I have seen such an image. All I had ever seen was the double triangle icon displaying in the taskbar. Personally, I think my written statement conveyed the essence of it, but there we go
Thanks for your thoughts
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Old 11-05-18, 21:24
Moonshine Moonshine is offline
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Default Re: orange triangle

That’s an interesting application ERICG
My security wouldn’t let me download it (in a VirtualBox) from the home page – ‘Blocked’ potentially ‘dangerous’ content.
I could only progress by disabling the AV to allow the install.
During the install, more popups advising of unwanted content that could cause problems/slow a system down etc.

When you right click the icon in the Notification Area, you get the option to ‘Open Web Companion or Quit. Opening produces this:

It has been uninstalled now (never to see the light of day again) and W7, in the VBox is getting scanned for whatever.
Oh dear – as I suspected:

They will be gone by the time you read this!
The worrying thing though ERICG, is that you don't appear to know anything about the piece of Sh*t. That is of course just my opinion.
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