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Old 20-12-17, 23:37
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Default Mining bit coin

Trying to get my head around this.

Articles I read infer they find, or mine bit coin by solving complex equations.


It doesn't exist. Does it?

They make it sound like metal detecting.

Is it produced out of thin air?

Is there a finite supply?

Cryptocurrency experts are forecasting the biggest bubble pop ever, but security experts come alleged murderer and all round oddball John McAfee predicts it's value rising to $2m.

Each transaction uses enough power to serve a family home for a week. In whole it consumes more power than the lowest 140 power using countries, and is predicted to use more power than the whole world in 2020. The biggest single cause of global warming??

Anyways, I digress. Somebody please explain the production of bit coin to me!

Cheers, Mugsy
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Old 21-12-17, 01:53
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Default Re: Mining bit coin

Below are links to a couple of threads you may find useful Mugsy:

Block Cryptocurrency Mining - Web User Forums

Persistent drive-by cryptomining coming to a browser near you - Web User Forums
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