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Default Google Analytics/Adwords: Javascript pageview is changing PPC traffic source

I don't know if there will be anyone specifically that will be able to help us here but I have tried Google and they are really slow/don't seem to understand or know what the problem is; StackOverflow hasn't got any responses yet; the Google help forums are slow and they also don't really understand the problem so.. used Webuser forum with great success in the past so worth a try I thought!

So basically, we are having issues with a website (https://thesoundshop.com) in which the PPC traffic source (it only seems to be PPC traffic that is affected) is being changed by the pageview that we are pushing through to analtics.

The website runs on Ajax so we have to use Javascript to push virtual pageviews through to Analytics whenever a link is clicked on the website. We are not using Google Tag Manager to implement the analytics or javascript because of this so we are using the gtag method exactly as Google's documentation recommends for Single Page Applications like ours:

gtag('config', 'GA_TRACKING_ID', {'page_path': '/new-page.html'});

I have tested this by visiting the website through a PPC ad and watching the real-time reports in Analytics. The first page load attributes the correct source to the traffic (cpc) as expected but then when I click on a link to go to a different page, the traffic source changes to Google Organic search. I then complete an action that I know will trigger an event or a goal and then when this appears in the Goal Reports, it attributes the goal as organic, too.

We know that this has to be down to the Javascript pageview that is being pushed to analytics to simulate that a new page has loaded but we can't work out why it would be changing the traffic source. The gtags are implemented exactly as Google recommends; just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so, how did they go about fixing it?

There are a few different tags on the website but these are for heatmap tracking and CRM tracking and I really wouldn't ever expect them to interfere with the analytics tracking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, at my wits end with this!

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