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Old 19-08-18, 17:43
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Angry Fake Youtube Channels and broadcasts

I have just experienced possibly my first Fake YouTube "News" channel Purporting to be somebody Legit in this Case it was NASA and How this swerved the Mods is going to cause debate
Firstly The Link headline that showed on my notification said NASA were streaming a Live broadcast ...Clicked on the Link The Favicon(On the subject line) was NASA's but the Voiceover was of a Conspiracy Theorist Ranting away about The people in power and their policies . The real channel is called the News channel whose Favicon is similar to NASA's this appeared in the Comments section column (full of Potty mouths)
I Have Flagged it on the link to the YT Moderators But What action can they take bar deleting the link which is archived (2 hours of this Individual /creep Going On and On ) and He'll Show again to regroup maybe on Facebook Live?(Video stream) which is full of these eejits/ low life (to use the Irish Term

It's like listening to a deluded Preacher/politician/Union speaker (and more) even the emoji List cannot Class these. Not even that Infamous Brown Emoticon (which I'll never use) >Too good for them
You're Welcome.
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