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Old 16-10-18, 23:40
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Red face Amazon

As a seller on Amazon I have to use two verifcation to get into my account - then I go to seller account and have to use two verification again. it is a real pain i have already verified myself.

I use my land line to do this.

my mother never needs to use 2 step verification. when i am at my parents I ask for code to be sent to mobile it never seems to arrive so i then go onto ebay to buy what i want.

it is a joke.

amazon KDP say you have an error in your manuscript but dont tell you on what page it is like finding a needle in a haystack.
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Old 17-10-18, 08:00
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Default Re: Amazon

I also sell on Amazon and have 2 step enabled. I use the authenticator app on my mobile. This works well for me and only requires me to enter a four digit code when asked. There is also the option to ‘Don’t ask for codes on this device’ so it does not ask again. This needs you to not clear cookies on exit.
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