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Cool Revealing Something unique About Kodi and VLC

I'm still trying to work this out
I have found that Kodi can work inside the VLC Player and Get this The VLC player can work inside Kodi on Android
There are Walkthrough Tutorials posted for Both Methods, and lots on installing Kodi Media player to Desktop and other Players and Vice versa in some cases

Have also picked up lots more Apps to try on Android via the Store Using the APK/(.EXE) file Keyword instead of a Plain English Search, be aware that the Returns on Android Tablet for this KW are Heavier and you may have to look for an alternative if you are using Windows ect. IE: Try Kodi Player apps first then Change it to Kodi player APK apps 8.9 mill hits Vs 3.5 mill hits but the latter link has better Links on the top.
Only tool I have to find is a good APK download manager App But the Choice is very big, Anyone?

I must ask this Can APK files be stored on PC after downloading from the File sites location (They are generally on the Small side) .and should I take precautions? Such as the Windows Firewall blocking the App working?

I did find this and you can adapt it for your Purposes KW "TV streaming Android"
does give quite a lot to ponder over a Lot of quality Sites (I have made my Choice) and it was not a well known Media Streamer Like MOBDRO
For the record that search returned better than 375 million hits on Google!
You're Welcome.
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