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Old 23-01-18, 09:29
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Default Keyboard for Fire Stick

I want a keyboard for use with my fire stick, but I've tried a couple, and although they claimed to be for a fire stick, they are actually for a Fire TV box, so won't work on a stick. I have the otg cable, but I need a reasonably priced keyboard. Any suggestions. One I know does work, is around 20. It's the iPazzPort with the rubber casing for the remote as well.I didn't want to pay that much if I can help it.
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Old 23-01-18, 15:05
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Default Re: Keyboard for Fire Stick

I can't actually give a Firestick guarantee and it would also depend on if you are looking for a full sized Keyboard. But the Firestick is basically Android and proof of that is the fact that with a bit of fiddling Android Apps can apparently be installed.

You don't say what the connecting interface is of the keyboard(s) you have tried but having just Googled keyboard for 'Fire TV Box' the ones returned were Bluetooth and that might be where the problem is. I would have thought that a keyboard using a wireless 2.4 Ghzs USB interface might be the best option.

2.4Ghzs is the same system as say a standard wireless mouse. I have a Android TV stick which looks like and has an identical specification to the Firestick. I use a 2.4Ghzs portable keyboard with that which also has finger (mouse) touch panel and left and right click buttons. It also has a good selection of additional shortcut keys in addition to the standard qwerty key board.

The down side of a 2.4Ghzs keyboard is that you need to insert a small receiver in the USB slot but as most Android sticks have 3 USB slots as well as a SD Card slot that isn't really an issue with Android, Firstick I don't really know.

This is the one I use and with prices around five or six quid it won't break the bank to try. It takes two AAA batteries. I've had it three years and the batteries are still the original (Duracell) the power saving standby mode kicks in after a few seconds of inactivity. A double tap of any key wakes it up again, then manually switch off when finished using it properly, but sometimes I have even forgotten to do that.

Various mini 2.4 Ghzs here.

I perhaps shouldn't suggest this but there are some high street tech shops, the big ones which offer a no quibble 30 day refund. You could try a 2.4Ghzs from one of those just to see how you go because they will probably charge 30 ish, and return it in original packing/sell-able condition once you know.

Another option to see if the Fire stick can receive a 2.4Ghzs signal would be if you or a friend has a standard wireless mouse. Plug the receiver into the Firestick's USB port switch on the mouse and see if the mouse pointer appears on your TV screen (with the Firestick input selected on the TV of course). If it does you should be good to go with a 2.4Ghzs Keyboard.
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Old 23-01-18, 15:46
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Default Re: Keyboard for Fire Stick

I was curious so had a bit of a Google around and found this on Youtube for firestick and 2.4Ghzs keyboard. So it's looking like 2.4Ghzs could be worth a go.

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