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Old 09-11-17, 09:48
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Default My Windows10 pc doesn't recognize my Tomtom Start25 satnav...help pls!

Im not sure whether to put this in here or in Other Software, or in Windows 10 Help(bec Im using Win10pc)...but I'll give it a shot here. I have a Tomtom Start25 satnav AND I have Tomtom MyDrive Connect installed in my pc...but when I attached my satnav to my pc's usb port my satnav is not being recognized by my pc. I say that because it used to be that once I attached my satnav to this same pc it will trigger the MyDrive Connect to open and say that my satnav is connected. On my satnav it will also ask me if I want to connect to my computer(maybe in distinction if I just want to charge my satnav and not update it). I've already tried using a new usb cable lead(sent to me by Tomtom Support) but still no connection between my satnav & pc. I also have Tomtom Runner2 sportswatch and when I attach it to the same usb port in my pc it will connect and trigger the Tomtom MySports Connect installed on my pc...which makes me conclude that the usb port is working fine. So usb cable lead & usb port cannot be suspects.

Now on my pc when I go to This PC and expand it it only shows the C: drive, the Recovery Image(D), and the DVD Drive(E)...the Tomtom satnav currently connected doesn't show up. When I attach my Tomtom watch it definitely shows up in there...no problem. Now why is my satnav not appearing in File Explorer?

Tomtom Support/FAQ says it might be that the driver is not installed for my pc to recognize the satnav and so my pc doesn't know what to do when I attach my satnav. But how do I get the driver when the device(satnav) is not even showing in the File Explorer? Even if I go to Device Manager>Network Adapter there's nothing about Tomtom. If I attach my Tomtom watch to my pc at least it shows up in Device Manager>Portable Devices...but in the case of my satnav it is nowhere to be found. My pc can only charge it. And my Tomtom MyDrive Connect is saying I have 3 updates ready for my satnav...which I am unable to do because my satnav is not being recognized by my pc.

Any thoughts on this, suggestions maybe? How do I troubleshoot and/or resolve this? Is it the satnav itself which could be faulty? I used to be able to update it maybe a couple of months ago. Another thing told me by Tomtom Support was it could be the Settings on my pc/Antivirus/Firewall etc could be blocking the proper workings of my satnav&Tomtom Mydrive Connect...but I've already tried uninstalling my antivirus & turning off my Firewall(even Windows Firewall)...but still to no avail. I have also tried uninstalling & re-installing Tomtom MyDrive Connect...still no connection...it's showing updates are waiting but my device/satnav is not connected.

Tomtom is saying I should book my satnav for repair...or get a new one. I'd like to believe it's just certain settings in my pc OR driver problem that's causing my problem. How do I get my pc to recognize my satnav? Thanks in advance!
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