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Old 01-11-17, 10:22
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Default MP4 downloads

I often download videos as MP4s (nothing illegal), but in recent months I've noticed a lot of these are audio only. Sometimes if I re-download I'll get the video, sometimes it's just audio (again).

Can anyone clarify this? I was under the impression that MP4 was a video format, but now I never know what I'll be getting until I play it back.
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Old 01-11-17, 13:07
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Default Re: MP4 downloads

MP4 is a video format. You may just be getting a corrupt or incomplete download. Try updating the application that you are using to download them.
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Old 12-11-17, 17:03
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Default Re: MP4 downloads

Just a guess to add to Peru's input.

MP4 files can also come with the ADP files prefix but they are shown when downloading as just MP4 and when downloaded have the MP4 file extension and once downloaded you would have no way of knowing they are ADP.
From memory only the audio will play on standard operating systems but then my memory could be playing tricks as it's a long time since I allowed ADPs to download unless by acident. If there is no option to choose the download file I don't bother if I see the ADP prefix.

ADP MP4 files seemed to pop up around 2013, I think they are no longer used but a lot are still around and still uploaded to various sites.

Older download managers would just select what ever was on first offer in the download list and as ADP is usually high quality it was often at the top of the download but then not always if there was an standard MP4 High Def file also available to download.

For instance I often use 'Download Helper' for FF. all but the latest version of DH would sometimes automatically take the ADP MP4 Version, so I would often have to delete it and then view the download options to find the best quality standard MP4 on offer and manually select that.

The latest version of 'Download Helper' always select standard MP4 even if there is a better quality ADP file available. To download an ADP MP4 file with Download helper, it now seems that they now have to be manually selected.
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