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Old 29-12-17, 21:28
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Default Re: utube video to mp3

you might just as well use a torrent site to download, it will be quicker and easier than ripping it from YouTube.
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Old 16-01-18, 20:49
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Default Re: utube video to mp3

If you just want to extract the audio from a video, one way is to download the video, then right click and choose Open with > Audacity.


Audacity is freeware, and only the audio will load into it. Once it's loaded, go to File > Export to save as MP3 (or possibly other formats if you prefer).

When that's done, close Audacity. You'll be prompted to save your work, but you've already done that, so say no unless you'll want to do further work on it in future.

This way's potentially heavy on bandwidth if you intend to extract the audio from a lot of videos, but it's the way I do it, and as you get used to Audacity, you'll be able to remove clicks and crackles, plus make quite a few other changes.
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