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Lightbulb The other settings menus on your Tablet

Did you know that if you look closely at the Settings Menu on your Tablet you can find quite a lot of information. It needs a lot more exploration, but here is what I found out.And revealed in full
I have been "saving" free WiFi hot-spots when on my travels and they only show up if they are "Local" to me have almost 20 as of this post
So where are they kept you may ask?
I have on the Tablets Settings Menu a find settings box and it is smart search enabled I idly typed in "Saved" expecting little to show bar what I could see already. But what was revealed was a lot of WiFi set up links plus the Saved Hot-spots folder. The formal title was: "Saved Networks." As I said there is a lot more on that Advanced Settings list but unlike Windows there's no System Directory command Aka "DIR" possible.
Make a good challenge for the Forum to find out more of these hidden keyword links.
You're Welcome.
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