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Old 16-04-18, 14:55
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Default Using an SSD drive and hard drive

Could someone tell me if it is possible to install Ubuntu and updates on an SSD drive and then use an hard drive for everything else? If so, could you recommend a tutorial please.
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Old 17-04-18, 20:25
george29 george29 is offline
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Default Re: Using an SSD drive and hard drive


Assume you mean using the SSD for the system drive and the Hard Drive for your data files, pictures etc.

The SSD is 'seen' by any operating system as any other Hard Drive so when you load Linux just follow the normal installation tutorials and install it all on that drive.

Your true hard drive should then be seen as an additional drive , clear ready for your data, no problems.

If you already have windows partition / data on the true HDD then Linux can still read and write files to it, if memory serves me correctly.

Are you talking about a desktop or laptop with external hdd ?

The only thing to be aware of when using a SSD is that you should not run Defrag on it, instead it should be Trim.

But you need to be careful, as some programs may still run defrag on it as we found with Norton, but that was under Windows.
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