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Old 31-01-17, 22:02
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Default Instagram

I am not sure if I am posting in the correct place or not, so forgive me if I am not.

I am trying to sign up to Instagram, I have never used it before, but when I try to sign up from my laptop I get a message saying sorry, there has been an error, please try again later. I have been trying for some time. I have also tried signing up from my Androind phone and get a similar message but also saying they block certain things to protect their community. Fair enough, but I have never tried to use it before.

Does anyone know how I overcome this ?
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Old 01-02-17, 05:34
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Default Re: Instagram

For a start you can view and search on Instagram without joining...well I did .

Then I downloaded the app off the Microsoft Store I think...that lets you join up log in and follow someone.

Then I got a Firefox addon that lets me download the photos and vids.

I can't atm put a pic on there unless I'm missing something.

If you know someone on there log in and follow them and you get an email every time they post something.

If you want to find a pic something go to the search box up the top and put #donaldjtrump

If you want to find his Insta just put donaldjtrump and it will show up in a menu...look for the blue tick for celebs.

It's very easy to navigate...I usually check in every day to check relatives etc or some other car racing Instas I follow.

The word now is over 30 Facerubbish...under 30 Instagram.

If you are already on Facerubbish your name will show on the Insta.

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Old 23-03-18, 08:29
pete.i pete.i is offline
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Default Re: Instagram

Social media, get ready for a deluge of targeted adverts. My advice, don't use any social media unless you absolutely have to.
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Old 10-04-18, 14:44
nickjames nickjames is offline
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Default Re: Instagram

change your IP.
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