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Old 28-01-13, 23:03
betty betty is offline
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Default Windows Defender Off

On my desktop I upgraded to W8, when I start it up I keep finding Windows Defender is off. I have AVG free AV on the system as well, but that is also off. Any ideas on how to keep Windows Defender on? Many thanks.
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Old 29-01-13, 06:09
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Default Re: Windows Defender Off

Installing AVG should disable Windows Defender. That's because it's reckoned to be best not to run two realtime AV programs at the same time. However, there seems to be an issue with some third-party security programs and the Windows 8 Action Center.

AVG is most likely working OK but this just isn't registering in the Action Center. This being the case, it would be OK to ignore the fact that Action Center says AVG is not working and turn off the message that says it isn't.

Of course you need to feel confident that AVG is doing its job before ignoring the Action Center message. I'd say that if AVG reports (within the program) that you are protected, then you would be protected. You could also check in Task Manager to make sure that AVG is running OK.

AVG isn't the only program that can be reported as 'not running' by the Windows 8 Action Center. I've seen reports of it on the Norton Forum and I have actually had it myself with Bitdefender. I believe there are other security programs it happens with too.
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Old 29-01-13, 08:05
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Default Re: Windows Defender Off

You need to bear in mind the AVG free does not have a firewall so Windows Firewall needs to be enabled.

I had AVG free installed on two old laptops and there was no problem with this until 2013 free was installed. Following that installation there were messages from time to time that Windows Firewall had been turned off. I now have the paid version on all pc's that includes a Firewall and from time to time there is a reminder that Windows Firewall is turned off, normally immediately after booting up. It is indeed turned off by default by AVG.
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Old 02-02-13, 10:08
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Default Re: Windows Defender Off

Thanks for your replies. It's Windows Defender I want on, rather than AVG. As you say AVG may be on even though Windows says it isn't I may try simply uninstalling it. Thanks.
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Old 02-02-13, 12:28
Cantrel Cantrel is offline
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Default Re: Windows Defender Off

Use the appropriate AVG Uninstaller to ensure that all residue is removed as remnants of any uninstalled AV can cause a conflict http://www.avg.com/gb-en/utilities and it's usually best to uninstall programs like these in Safe Mode with Networking.

If you are still unable to enable Windows Defender then that could be a sign of an infection.

You could check that Defender is active by bringing it up to date then running a scan.
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