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Old 24-01-13, 23:00
betty betty is offline
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Default Skype

I have the Skype app on Windows 8 and I've tried to use it a couple of times now with people who don't have Windows 8 and I've been able to use it as a messenger but not do speech or video calls. I preferred the previous layout of Skype compared this app version but this is the only one that seems to be available on Windows 8. Anyone else had this problem and solved it? Thanks.
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Old 25-01-13, 07:09
mart mart is offline
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Default Re: Skype

I haven't properly tested the Skype app for Windows 8 because I too prefer the Desktop version. It is still possible to download and install this on Windows 8. This is what I have done and it works as it should. Just go to the Skype download page and choose Skype for Windows desktop (click the 'Learn about Skype for Windows desktop' link).

Edit: Here's a link to the download page; http://beta.skype.com/en/download-sk...e-for-windows/

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Old 27-01-13, 10:19
betty betty is offline
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Default Re: Skype

Wonderful mart! Thanks very much. I've installed it now. Much easier to use than the app version.
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