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Old 17-05-17, 18:40
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Default For AVG Users

I don't use AVG but I thought users might find this interesting .....

From Web User's sister magazine ComputerActive.

If I remember correctly, AVG is now owned by Avast, though they are still separate programs ???

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Old 17-05-17, 19:44
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Default Re: For AVG Users

Originally Posted by tornado View Post

If I remember correctly, AVG is now owned by Avast, though they are still separate programs ???

Always check for bundled unwanted extras when downloading and installing any new software and be sure to decline them.
Use custom install when itís available. Read all of every window before clicking.
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Old 29-06-17, 11:16
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Default Re: For AVG Users

I hope Avast and AVG remain separate, as Avast and Thunderbird won't work together, and haven't for years.

Yes, the buttons on AVG are a minefield full of tricks and traps for the unwary, rather like shopping in Tescos became a while back, though it is slowly getting better now, so you need to tread warily.

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Old 29-06-17, 17:39
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Angry Re: For AVG Users

I have paid version of AVG for multiple machines and Tune up.

Since Avast takeover, I mow have pop ups that offer to fix my 'slow' PC and it then offers a subscription to.....Tune Up.

The 'fix' page looks like the running program, but the idiots cannot figure out I already have a copy!

Can't find out how these pop ups are originating though.

Meester Chris
Don't all shout at once
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