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Old 18-05-18, 14:40
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Question Burning photo files onto a dvd disk, what is the correct way?

Hi I'm burning photo files onto a dvd disk (4.7gb 16x) and I select all then right click and 'send to', and CD/DVD instead of flash drive. Lately it has worked, but when I did it this morning it said there wasn't enough room on the disk, so I copied some image's and then retried with the remaining one's (330 picture's). A box has come up saying it's copying them over but at 0% it's not doing anything.

Am I doing something wrong? It used to be so much easier when I could do a gift CD with Picassa but since that's gone I've had to make do with windows.

I'm running windows 10.

Can someone explain to me please?

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Old 18-05-18, 20:03
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Default Re: Burning photo files onto a dvd disk, what is the correct way?

have you tried using Cdburnerxp to burn your files. I don't like the Windows 10 burning software.


Cdburnerxp is a free program although look out for spam during the installation if you decide to try it. Also it says xp on the end but it works in all versions of Windows.
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Old 20-05-18, 10:49
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Default Re: Burning photo files onto a dvd disk, what is the correct way?


There are several ways to burn files to CD/DVD in Windows 10.
If you're not using 3rd party software, I favour the example below for quickness.
Note – If you are using a CD or DVD which has had failed attempts to burn files to them , there are likely to be ‘Temporary Files’ which are related to what you have been trying to use previously still in the equation.
To check and remove them, with a CD/DVD in the Drive, navigate to File Explorer (This PC) and right click the Drive.
If there is Delete Temporary Files showing in the menu, click that option to remove them.
If you are using a new CD/DVD, then no Temp files are involved.

Now navigate to the location where your images/photos are stored. This can be done via the ‘Navigation Pane’ on the left side of the already open File Explorer, or by minimising/closing the open File Explorer Window and looking elsewhere.

When you have found your chosen images/photos/files, select the ones you want to Burn. Now look to the bottom left corner in the ‘Status Bar’ to see the total size of the selected files. This obviously mustn’t exceed the capacity of the CD/DVD being used.
You can also right click one of the still selected images and look at the properties to confirm the size.
When your satisfied the files will fit on the media, left click one of the selected files and drag them over the CD/DVD Drive, which is showing in the File Explorer Navigation Pane, then release the left click.
The ‘Files Ready to be Written to disk’ Window should now open along with a Popup in the bottom right corner informing you that they are there.
Now click Manage in the Menubar, then Finish Burning.
In the opening dialog box, give the Disc a name or leave the default Date.
Check the available record speeds. It’s often wise not to choose the fastest, but a ‘middle’ value to try and minimise write errors.
Now click Next to start the Burn process.
When finished, you’ll have the option to Burn to another Disc.
Now click Finish.

The CD/DVD Drive tray should open at this point. Push it back in and see what has been burned to the Disc. Change the view to Thumbnails if it helps.
This method of ‘Burning’ should allow the Disc to be read on PCs and CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Players.
See the YouTube video below of the above process.
I have used a CD in my example (explains the write speeds available) but a DVD should be the same process.
Have a look at the YouTube video below I have created to see the above process.

Raw URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgBt3w2p8AU
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