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Lightbulb Pureinfotech's YT channel of Walkthroughs for W10 #Builds (at least 2 years worth)

If you are a Total Newbie to Windows 10 (setting it up) or learning how to navigate OR an upgrader who is curious to know what lies on the Next build version (Most of us) Or ,a forum member looking for Information on W 10
I have saved both of these URL's to Favourites and also have subscribed to this YouTube channel and the archive goes back over 2 years on the YT Videos and they are all in Plain English, made at a leisurely pace So Not rushed as in : This does this moving on attitude style as seen in many other places, Commentator takes time to demonstrate what the consequences of using that feature does without leaving you in the lurch. Nice one, much appreciated !

Here are the 3 URL's I have favourited for myself beside the YT Channel Subscription
https://www.youtube.com/user/Pureinf...&live_view=500 = This is the Top(latest) links in the YT archive on this Channel with build Version #numbers . On Average they seem to be published a day or 2 after original publication

https://pureinfotech.com/ = There is an awful lot of Content on this well made Homepage Click the "Hamburger" icon on the Left side for even more Sections(Menu)

https://forums.pureinfotech.com/ = This is a subsection branch link off the main URL Seems to be a 1 man reply service (The Admin?) who is a Microsoft MVP But for W10,Microsoft and XBox tech queries, it's not bad
You're Welcome.
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