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Old 13-05-18, 08:12
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Default Router info 2018


Some info from UK PC World mag that might be of use. (Dated April 2018)

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Old 13-05-18, 10:31
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Default Re: Router info 2018

Unless, of course, you are with Sky (I am) who resolutely refuse to make their router information accessable to their paying subscribers thus making it exceedingly difficult to use any routers other than what they supply, which are junk.
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Old 28-06-18, 15:29
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Talking Re: Router info 2018

You can turn the router into a modem only, simple switch when you log into the router (they have instructions for that)

Then use an ordinary but powerful router with wi-fi, an Ethernet cable between the two, usually from the #1 port and the new wi-fi router can take over the more powerful wireless transmissions. It will transmit on 5Mhz if newish, so you get both bands.

Not only that - but you can then move the newer router to a better placement with a longer cable. I've done it, works fine. Netgear Nighthawk works.


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