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Old 22-05-18, 20:38
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Default Microsoft buys AI company to make Cortana sound more human

From BT Tech News:

Microsoft buys AI company to make Cortana sound more human | BT
Semantic Machines creates ‘conversational’ AI programs.

Microsoft has acquired “conversational” AI firm Semantic Machines as it looks to improve the natural responses of its virtual assistant Cortana and other digital chatbots.

The technology giant said that while most virtual assistants of today could respond to basic commands and queries, the future of the tech was likely to lie in a more conversational approach.
From The Register:

Your parents love you, Cortana. That's why we bought you an upgrade • The Register
Microsoft slurps conversational-AI startup Semantic Machines

Microsoft's decided its Cortana speech assistant needs a bit of buffing to survive in a world where Google AI can book restaurants and a parrot can turn the lights off with Alexa*, so the company has acquired a conversational-AI startup called Semantic Machines.
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