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Old 28-06-18, 00:16
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Arrow Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser (June 18) Cannot see a Changes list for you but who cares they'd only be very minor This browser is Rock solid Did notice for me Personally the Zen News Feature on the Home/Tableau page is looking very smart and (TIP) I did not select any of the Suggested news links ...Still learning How to tame the beast ..And Mr Trump? There is less Fake news here than the regular places (NO Newsy Ads in the mix )
PS On Version 18.x Yandex is now listing many more Wallpaper Theme Images including many more which are animated https://browser.yandex.com/wallpapers/33?dgr=0

Hey, they also show on Chrome (including Zen) so what's to say you can utilize them in Chrome or somewhere too? > On earlier versions (a year or 2 ago) They were rejecting each other.
You're Welcome.
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