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Old 06-07-18, 01:38
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Default Opera ~ Easy Setup mode and more

I hadn't really taken much notice of this, but it's described in the following article from gHacks. At the time ~ last September ~ a lot of what's now in Easy Setup mode was still in the developer version of the browser:

Opera 49 comes with Easy Setup mode - gHacks Tech News
Easy Mode is not an entirely new feature though, as it is an updated version of the "customize start page" feature of current release versions of the Opera browser.

The new feature is still in development, and was launched today in the most recent Opera Developer version.
This is how it is now:
You can activate Easy Setup the same way that you activate customize start page. Open a new tab page in the Opera web browser and click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Opera displays Easy Setup as a panel on the right. Some options remained the same: you can still switch between light and dark themes, and set a wallpaper.

But you find a lot of new options there that were not included before. You can enable the built-in adblocker, change the download location, toggle the bookmarks bar, clear browsing data, import passwords and bookmarks, and make Opera the default browser on the system.
Another article about new features comes from Opera:

Opera 54 introduces news articles on Speed Dial and a simplified browser restoration page - Opera Desktop

Go to the Opera Menu button for the new 'Update & Recovery' page, I think it's an improvement on going to 'About Opera' to check the version and/or get updates which you had to do previously and the 'Recovery' part looks good too.
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Old 06-07-18, 13:54
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Arrow Re: Opera ~ Easy Setup mode and more

In the link it says
Opera 54 includes Chromium version 67.0.3396.87

So I think Chrome will either follow suit (carry over ex Google News?) or have an App to display news links
But as a Yandex.browser user which uses both of the above browsers to power it along . We see that it has rolled out its own unique Zen app which is not linked to the Most Visited /Tableau/Speed Dial and is NOT a Yahoo/Facebook/Edge (and so on) type of Photo plus brief description link
We Suspect this is OK for Tablet too Untested)
The feed that never stops improving
Zen analyzes your browser history, notices which suggestions catch your attention and, using your feedback, refines its recommendations with ever-increasing accuracy.
< There is NO Spam articles showing
Does mix a lot of my Personal interest link updates in , And is very global Regional too .Example, I am seeing glossy Time Magazine RSS links before its republished to Google (and elsewhere)under a different URL and edited down to that browsers local display format !
Very Local (immediate) news that's still Googles and Yahoo's domain
World News? I'd say it was a draw between Bing,Google and Yahoo
You're Welcome.
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Old 06-07-18, 19:34
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Default Re: Opera ~ Easy Setup mode and more

Some interesting stuff there Mike, although I don't use either Chrome or Yandex these days. I suppose all developers of browsers and other programs try to outdo each other with innovative features and get people either to change to their product or stay with it.

Opera had another update today and the new Update page worked fine.
"I'm Irish. We think sideways." Spike Milligan. 1918 - 2002
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