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Old 09-05-18, 16:49
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Default Printer not printing full size

W7. My printer HP DeskJet 2132.

I want to print a 13*18 photo but the printer prints 12*17. Is there any way around this.

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Old 09-05-18, 16:57
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

I don't know the printer but mine have a custom print size that I can set. I also find that borderless printing has to be set as well. Having said all that I find that sometimes I don't get the print sizes that I want so now I always print A4 and set up the print size that I want in Publisher, or a similar program, using the margin measurements. It's a bit of a faff and a waste of paper to an extent but it works for me.

Also if those measurements are inches then an A4 sheet will be too small
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Old 09-05-18, 20:01
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

Thanks Pete. They are cms not ins.

Most printers I've had in the past have had a user setting to set any size within the limits of the printer but this one has only the defaults, about 20 settings but all fixed sizes but your post has given me a clue to a workaround which I can try tomorrow.

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Old 10-05-18, 18:45
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size


How big is the actual image you want to print?
If the image is already sized at 13cmx18cm, then itís a simple case of opening the image in Windows Photo Viewer and using the Print option (Ctrl + P) keys:

Youíd then select your printer (should be seen by default), opt for A4 paper and change the Quality & Paper type to suit your needs.
Then select the 13 x 18cm. (2) option.
Click the Options and make a choice. Leaving as default should be OK.
Click Print and your printer will kick in with a view of the print if it is set to do so. Follow any prompts. You should know what to do as itís your printer.
The resulting print will have your 13cmx18cm within the A4 page.

My example (the image within the A4 page) physically measures 13.3cmx18.3cm. Different printers will have different tolerances.
Use scissors or suitable paper cropper to leave you with the required Ďprintí.

Iím using W10 in this example, but I have the WPV option available to open images (MS removed it from W10).

If your image isnít 13cmx18cm in size but you want it to print at that size, well, thatís another story.
An option is to open an image editor capable of supporting Layers, create a canvas size (13cmx18cm) at a resolution of 118.11 pixels/cm (300dpi) and then open the image you want as the resized, finished print.
Copy the image then paste into the created 13x18 canvas. Resize in proportion using the corner handles with the Shift key pressed, so it fits the canvas. Arrow keys can fine tune the position, then use the Print tab to print on A4 paper using appropriate settings and the 13cm x 18cm (2) option as before.

Iíve created a short video below of both above scenarios. I donít know if they are any help to you but have a look and see what you can do. Let me know if you need any help.
The free editor I have used on this occasion is Paint.Net - https://www.getpaint.net/ - itís straight out of the box and no other editing options have been used to speed up the video process. It may suit your needs if you donít have a preferred editor that supports layers.
If the video below is a little blurry, try change the quality settings (your broadband speed often determines what is set as default).

Raw URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwRjRjvAohA
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Old 04-07-18, 17:33
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

I must apologise for not responding. I would never deliberately start a thread asking for advice and then just let it die. I've checked the date and found I had been going through a very stressful period healthwise at around that time and everything else was just pushed to one side. Sorry about that but I hope to try to pick up the thread to try solve my problem.

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Old 05-07-18, 20:10
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Default Re: Printer not printing full size

Hi Bill how are keeping,

There is another more manual clunky fall back way of doing this if you get stuck with Moonshines excellently detailed instructions but it means writing off 2 or 3 pieces of A4. It's a bit easier in PowerPoint if you have it but if not you can use word as a fall back, it just needs a couple more clicks.

Plus using this coal and steam method you can match any custom size you want without preset picture printing software.

So first open either a blank PP page if you have it but if not open a blank Word page.

Next click on insert and select the rectangle in insert it. then click and drag the corners until you think you have it about the right size for you pic.

Next make sure you have the the box out lined and print it onto ordinary paper. See how close it has printed to your required size. Then adjust the box on screen to better match your size stick the same piece of paper back in the printer the other way around and print the box again. See if you have got the size right now.

It usually takes me 3 - 4 tries. When you have the on screen box printing out at the right size. Click insert picture and insert your pic onto the page. Drag the corners of the pic to fit in the box you have created. Delete the outlined box, put your photo paper in the printer and print it.

If you are likely to need the same size again sometime it's a good idea to save the the page before inserting the picture then when you close you have the custom sized outline on stock.
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