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Old 16-05-18, 15:59
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Default Re: New Gmail not displaying

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Old 16-05-18, 17:37
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Default Re: New Gmail not displaying

Found on Youtube courtesy of Steve Dottos Youtube channel/vblog who posts lots about Chrome/Google for 15 Years (ex Canada) https://dottotech.com/ Was Shown on TV in Canada
It's a complete unrushed walkthrough demo of the New Gmail inferface/layout Features in Plain English >11 mins long (I saw some things I never knew about)
Want more? Here is the DDG Results Page https://goo.gl/E3tYvY
You're Welcome.
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Old 16-05-18, 18:42
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Default Re: New Gmail not displaying

Can I send a screen shot to this forum?
It asks for a URL and I don't understand how to do that.
There's some info about adding images here:

Web User Forums - FAQ / Help: Reading and Posting Messages

Also you can use an image hosting site like Imgur where you can get a link which will enable you to post screen shots, photos and any pics here. Info:

The Basics – Imgur

As far as the new Gmail goes, I've tried it for a couple of days now and it seems fine to me. It looks as shown in previous posts in this thread.
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Old 17-05-18, 13:40
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Default Re: New Gmail not displaying


To post an image using the Attachment method, you’d start a New Thread or use the Post Reply tab in an existing thread to open a Message Reply Box to use.
To quickly attach an image, click the Attachment Icon in the Message Box Controls.
Click the Browse tab to navigate to your chosen image on your machine and either d/click it or select it, then click Open.
Click the Upload tab to upload it and when complete, close the Attachment window.
Clicking the preview tab then shows what your post will look like with any included text and/or an image.
Clicking the Submit Reply tab, posts the content of the Message Box and it becomes ‘live’ for all to see.
Note: There is an option in the Attachments window to upload a file from a URL. At the time of posting, I wasn’t able to do so. An error was given: Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file.

Alternatively (my preferred option), you may want to use an image hosting site to upload your images to and use the appropriate, generated code (BBCode for this forum) in the Reply Box.
There are many image hosting sites out there, some good, some not so good. http://tinypic.com/, www.postimage.org/, https://imageshack.us/, to name but a few.
My preference is https://imgur.com/
Whichever hosting site is used, broadly speaking, it is better to register and create an account. This then allows a user to create folders to put the images in should they want to, keep them private or to share them and importantly, allows a user limited editing options for uploaded images. A user can also delete an image at will should they want to. Doing so will remove it from any forum it is posted in.
Each hosting site will have their own methods and some are easier to master than others.
Note: You don’t have to create an account, but advantageous options are made available should a user do so.

With Imgur, you simply navigate to their home page, use the New Post tab, navigate to your chosen image, d/click it or click Open. When it is showing, hover over the viewing pane to reveal and use the ‘Get Share Link’ options which allow a user to select a type of code (BBCode) and to copy it. It is then placed in a New Thread box or a Reply Box in an existing thread.

Here’s a short video using both methods outlined above.
Note: I haven’t used a registered account for the Imgur example.

Raw URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75s0wqUTUHM
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