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Old 10-05-18, 06:05
Minnehaha Minnehaha is offline
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Default Re: Customised shape in Tagxedo

Thanks, Moonshine. I will save it to look at after power washing the paving stones . . (Yuk)
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Old 10-05-18, 11:40
Moonshine Moonshine is offline
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Default Re: Customised shape in Tagxedo

How to use Taqxedo Creator in a portable version of Firefox. This version (ESR) is independent of an installed version of Firefox.
Installed and Portable versions of FF cannot be used at the same time.
It might be beneficial to watch the video below first

What we need:

Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition from here:

Microsoft Silverlight - https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverl...nstall/Default
Use the Install for Windows link.
Note: If you can use Taqxedo in Internet Explorer, then you already have Silverlight installed and you can skip the download and continue. The new version of FF should recognise the Plug-in.
If Silverlight is needed, d/click the Silverlight install file and follow the prompts.

When the Portable FF ESR file is downloaded, transfer it to your Desktop if it isn’t there already for easy access.

Close all instances of Firefox if they are running.
D/click the Portable Firefox setup file and click Next > Install > Finish.
A folder is placed on the Desktop (or in the location it was Setup from).
Install Silverlight if it isn’t already. My example already has it.

D/click the created FF Portable folder to open it. D/click the FF Portable application within it to open the Browser.
In the opening Firefox Window, Skip any Sign-In options.
To makes things a little easier, press the Alt tab to reveal the Menubar, then View > Toolbars > Menubar. This shows the Menubar on a more permanent basis.

Now click the Tools tab > Addons > Plugins to check the Silverlight inclusion.
It will be set as Ask to Activate – this option is OK. It can be changed at the point of opening Taqxedo should you wish to do so.
Close the Addons Manager Window.

Search for Taqxedo , then click Taqxedo Creator from the list.
In the opening page, click Taqxedo Creator.
Close ‘Choose what I share’.
Click Activate Silverlight and make your choose. I have used ‘Allow and remember’ in my example.

Open the Shape Menu and then click Add Image to navigate to/select your chosen Portrait image.
When it is showing, you can click ‘Show original’ to confirm what you are getting, then click Accept if you’re happy with it.

Now click the Load Menu and input your text. Again I have copied some of your forum text and used to Ctrl + V keys to paste them into the Text Box.
Click Submit when your text is in place, then close the Load Menu.
Open the Theme Menu and make your selection. White on Black in my example. Close the Theme Menu.
Click the Save option and pick a size to save in a location of your choice.
Type an appropriate name > Save.
Close ‘Share with Friends’ if it appears.
Minimise the portable Firefox application.
Close the Portable Firefox folder window.

Navigate to the Save location and then the image can be opened in a preferred image editor. In my example I have let the image open in the Photos app where I can do limited editing, but I can crop out the unwanted Taqxedo advert.

The Portable Firefox folder can of course be installed/located/placed anywhere you want and a shortcut can be created and placed on the Desktop.
I hope the video below helps you and others out. Have fun – if the power washing is finished and you have left no streaks like you usually do!

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Old 11-05-18, 06:16
Minnehaha Minnehaha is offline
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Default Re: Customised shape in Tagxedo

Hello again Moonstone. I think the power washing has addled my brain (but there were only a few streaks). I have downloaded the portable version of Firefox as per your instructions and it is sitting on the desktop. However, every time I double click on it to open it, it takes me back to the point where it asks me to install the wizard again, so I can't get any further. Sorry.
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Old 15-05-18, 20:26
Minnehaha Minnehaha is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Wales
Posts: 421
Default Re: Customised shape in Tagxedo

Hi again, Moonshine. Thought you'd like to know that my problem is now solved - I hadn't realised that when I opened Firefox portable I had to tick the 'Run' box before closing the window. (Why is it possible to so overlook the obvious?) With that done, I was able to view my images in the normal way and from then on everything went as you said it should. Much obliged.
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