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Lightbulb Valid MAC Code Cracker Shows the Origin of the device too

While a MAC Code/address is unique to your devices, always 12 Hex characters long. Did you know that the Maker of that device has left their own code within that address? So a Badged Make will show the real Brand makers code
So, where are these decoders? Well took a bit of digging, and I found 2 websites to enter and Verify MAC Codes also capable of decoding the OUI codes Organizational Unique Identifier which are the first 6 Hex characters on the MAC address (24 bits/3 bytes) The rest are NIC (Network Interface controller)
Q? There used to be an internal plug in Device (Interface card) for PC for NIC, was that for the Pre USB generation devices Windows 98 ish ?
Have bookmarked both of these URLs for myself
and the Second also has a raft of other Convertor And Network apps some for Email too https://aruljohn.com/mac.pl
You're Welcome.
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