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Old 14-10-18, 16:32
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Default Is this Router setting Risky ?

While looking down the Setting list of my router I came across this Item which is Disabled :Enable PPPoE Relay
The information section says
Enable PPPoE Relay - When enabled , this feature will allow a PPPoE client on a local PC to connect to a remote PPPoE server with the gateway acting as a relay agent

Sounds to me like it will act on Connected devices like Game consoles and even WiFi Homeplugs /Android TV Boxes And Not be blocked or have restricted access. Won't make much difference on my LAN/WLAN as I do not give Permission for Other devices to connect to the Router. Hot Spotting off my Powerline Wi-Fi homeplugs is Still the same
You're Welcome.
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Old 15-10-18, 11:44
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Default Re: Is this Router setting Risky ?

Point-to-Point over Ethernet, or PPPoE, is a network protocol used to establish a DSL connection to the Internet. It is used mainly for DSL and Asymmetric DSL (ADSL) services. If you have not got a DSL modem you do not need it.
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