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Old 02-05-17, 16:35
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Default Uploading to Instagram from computer: Bluestacks? Gramblr?

What would users advise to safely and easily upload images from a Windows 10 PC to Instagram?

I have seen Bluestacks criticised on Quora as a Trojan and Gramblr gives dodgy "free" likes.

Any other suggestions or experience?
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Old 03-05-17, 06:41
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Default Re: Uploading to Instagram from computer: Bluestacks? Gramblr?

I have posted a question regarding image use today (3/5). Whilst looking through various websites researching the legality of usage, I came across this site which is dated 2014 but probably still relevant. I have not fully had a read through yet but wondered if the info that you are after might be contained in it?
The link is HTTPS, Kaskerpy passed, and no tracking detected. States based.


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