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Old 14-07-18, 10:26
roy5051uk roy5051uk is offline
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Default Re: Car breakdown cover

Green Flag including Recovery £58 this year.

Be careful including it in your car insurance policy - I went direct last year after the addition on the car insurance went up to £100, and got it for £52.

They seem to use local garages instead of (or as well as) having their own vans, which probably makes the difference.

"The fool's not the one with all the questions
It's someone who believes they have the answers"
(Vasi Vallis, Henrik Iversen)
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Old 15-07-18, 14:51
Castman Castman is offline
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Default Re: Car breakdown cover

George29 is quite right, your insurer can often give you very cheap cover. My son got Green Flag cover for about 30% off through his insurer.

I, on the other hand have also been with the AA since Moses was floating in a basket, every year they pop up with a ridiculous quote and every year I tell them to stuff it and.... every year I negotiate a very favourable discount. Yes, I probably could get even cheaper but Iím happy.
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Old 15-07-18, 21:01
Doublell Doublell is offline
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Default Re: Car breakdown cover

If you are a member of the AA you can get a 20% discount off of a meals and drinks order from a national pub chains like Vintage Inns. You can also get 10% off at Halford. There another discounts for food, motoring, travel, home and leisure and days out that depend on where you live.

If you download the AA app to your mobile phone you can check the discounts for yourself.

I recently saved £3 on a Hadfords headlight cleaning kit and £6 on a pub meal.
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Old 16-07-18, 11:07
silly1104 silly1104 is offline
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Default Re: Car breakdown cover

Thank you all for the replies i will put my haggle hat on and see how i get on.
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