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Old 16-07-18, 11:02
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Default EaseusTodo 6.5

I save disc and partition backups with v6.5 although I know it's up to 11 now. I neither need nor want more features, and it does all I want, so as it doesn't involve the internet in making or restoring images, is there any harm in continuing with 6.5?

I've never needed to restore with it, but I came close this morning when I noticed that the power light on my W8.1 HP Pavillion laptop was flashing even though it was not connected to the transformer and was not even turned on. The battery has been failing to charge fully for some time, so I usually use the laptop connected to mains and it worked fine.

Googling the flashing powerlight, I found an HP site saying I should remove the battery and then press the power button for 15 secs, so I did. The laptop would not then load windows normally after several attempts, so I ran right through the 3 hour hardware and firmware HP diagnostics routine (Esc immediately on pwering up) and got PASSED on every test.

I walked away and left it powered up but with a blank screen intending to use my backup image later. About an hour later, going back to the laptop, I found it had opened to the Desktop normally, so presumably did it's own repair or reset and just took a longer time than usual to boot.

I haven't put the battery back in and the powerlight is steady on mains only, but I'll reinstall the battery later as that is obviously causing a problem.

So my immediate question is whether I really need to jump to Easeus Todo v11 before doing anything else.

Thanks for any comments
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