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Old 05-07-18, 21:19
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Question Renumbering images

I seem to have read of several ways to renumber sets of images. I failed to realise that the camera on holiday was starting each separate SD card at DSC_0001 so I have images like DSC-0001 DSC-0001(2) up to DSC-0001(5) etc. taken on different days. I have organised them by date taken but it is not very good. I would like to start day 1 at 1001, day 2 at 2001 day 3 at 3001 etc
Can you suggest a renumbering program which will do this. I will extract each day into a separate folder, renumber them as above, then recombine the separate folders into one holiday folder. As always I am sure a guru can advise me how to proceed
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Old 06-07-18, 08:05
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Default Re: Renumbering images

Try Irfanview.
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Old 06-07-18, 14:59
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Default Re: Renumbering images

FastStone Image Viewer

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Old 07-07-18, 10:55
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Red face Re: Renumbering images

Hi Sneakybeaky and Roy for your suggestions. I finally found the renumbering system in Elements which I had used once before and which seems simpler than the Irfan View one. It was just a matter of finding it in the Elements for Dummies book. Was it under Files or Renumbering or Multiple files or Batch renumbering or Processing Multiple Files??.
Eventually found it under Processing Multiple Files!!!
Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions as always
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