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Old 11-04-16, 20:29
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Default Kodi, Streaming, living under a rock


I have to confess that even though I have a lot to do with technology, and have done for many years. Up until now I've lived in the middle of nowhere with limited Internet bandwidth and that's also been metered.

Now I live in the "big" world with everyone else with lovely broadband that is unmetered, 0s and 1s are mine to behold in abundance!

So because of this, there's been some things I've not kept up-to-date on - (what's the point looking at things that you can't use?) one of those being KODI the media centre (Previously XNBC).

After following a tutorial I've now become aware of the ability to install addons in Kodi which can easily give you steams of movies, tv shows etc. Shows that legally you don't own.

But according to many online users they say streaming content isn't illegal in itself, hosting the content or downloading and keeping it is.

Apparently there was a recent court case that ruled it ok to stream in Europe and the UK. Although I don't know id that is factual.

But because it's a civil legal matter, it's unlikely that you'll get in trouble anyway unless you are making anything from it - nobody will care. but this could all be twaddle.

I was wondering what you guys think about it?

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Old 11-04-16, 21:48
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Default Re: Kodi, Streaming, living under a rock

In a couple of words, .. Don't know! .. but this guy reckons he does .. https://www.youtube.com/watch

The main purpose I have Kodi for is to watch Free view British TV on-line when out of the UK. I have about 7 UK Free View Streaming apps installed so if one goes down there is always another I can use. Morally I am very relaxed about that even though the stuffed shirts at the BBC move heaven and earth to stop people receiving BBC outside of the UK even though I have paid them for it and I would have thought even the slowest wit at the BBC could work out that if a person is out of the country they can't really watch what they have paid for in the UK . I know the BBC would argue different angles, ...well they can shuv that. I am out of the UK quite a lot over the year and they have had my money for a years viewing so let them put a registration process/sign on in place for iPlayer and stop being so childish about. The commercial channels don't seem to be so petty about it probably because their adverts etc. are still being viewed I expect..

Some of those Kodi streamers happen to have film streaming links, Old TV series and Independent Documentories Streaming Links . Don't really know how that stands but then I have never used them as far as I recall. Although they don't seem much different to the old TV steaming available on Youtube although admittedly many do have very recent series to steam.

I do have Exodus installed mainly because it's the replacement for Genesis (which doesn't work anymore) and I was curious to see what was different, as it turns out I can't really spot any difference to Genesis and I only had Genesis installed because it was loaded into a number of popular repositories I installed and as it's banded around the web so much I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Having said that I have used it to stream 3 (not brand new) films that I wanted to see and could no longer find the Video in the shops. Now! .. here's the confession of sorts, I did record them but then I delete after watching which in my conscience isn't really any different to streaming. Reason downloaded was that I don't have very fast BB and no matter what I adjust in the Kodi settings the buffering is just too much to watch on stream. So I recorded then watched without any buffering. I have about 250 paid for DVDs and I would have happily paid for those 3 had I been able to buy them.

So in summary, I don't really know the legal position of Kodi or Plex come to that matter but it is Kodi that for some reason is getting all the stick/attention while Plex seams to get by unscathed.

What I do know is I totally disagree with stealing artistic material and even more so the pirates who steal it for profit. What I downloaded could not be purchased even after some searching of the shops so no loss of royalties for the artists I would believe. The TV I watch is either Free View Commercial or Free View BBC, the latter which I have paid for, so where is the BBC's moral standing in blocking my access just because I happen to be outside the UK. I don't even try to circumnavigate BBC iPlayer's location restrictions even though I could do if I wanted to.

Finally you don't need Kodi to stream anything, Kodi just pulls all the links you use/install via add-ons into the one package and libraries all your Media in the one place be it uploaded or downloaded both audio or video. Many of those steaming add-ons are unofficial and either not approved of or supported or both by the Kodi Development Team.

How an individual uses Kodi is up to them. As per the analogy the guy makes in the video you can use your car for either a day trip out or as a get away car after robbing a bank but how you use it isn't under the control or the responsibility of the car manufacturers, that is up to your own conscience and morals.

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Old 11-04-16, 22:49
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Default Re: Kodi, Streaming, living under a rock

PS to the above a Guy in the USA was convicted of stealing artistic material or what ever they call it, (reckon it would have a much more dramatic title in the states than the one I have given it )

But the prat downloaded over a thousand films in a weekend, he was apparently at it 24/7 so what did he expect.

I doubt I could download a thousand films in 6 months even if I wanted too, I reckon he must have high speed fibre then I guess it would be like shelling peas.
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kodi, legal, rocks, streaming

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