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Old 12-08-17, 18:08
Geordie582 Geordie582 is offline
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Default Missing folder

I seem to have lost an important folder of photographs. I use windows 10 and Google Chrome and the said folder just seems to have vanished. I've opened all other folders on the computer in case an errant mouse click had transferred the missing item to another folder, a long job I may say. The trouble is I can't recall the title I used. It was a folder of my 80th birthday the family threw for me in France with all of my family present. The only other lead is it was in 2010 in August. I know it is on the hard drive but any ideas how to proceed? BTW I've checked the rubbish bin!
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Old 12-08-17, 19:05
lizzygraham lizzygraham is offline
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Default Re: Missing folder

Try this:

Highlight and copy the red text below:

datemodified:‎2010 kind:=picture

Now right click the Start button.
Click File Explorer.
In the Search This PC field:

. . . . paste what you have just copied:

Many files (images) might be on view now it may take some time to show them all.
Scroll down to see if you can recognise any from your birthday.
When/if you see one, right click it and look for Open file location. Click it.
Hopefully, you will have just found the missing folder and its location.
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Old 12-08-17, 20:14
Geordie582 Geordie582 is offline
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Default Re: Missing folder

Followed your directions. Took a while but nothing found. The list was smaller than I expected! Still hoping for a miracle!!
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Old 12-08-17, 20:54
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Default Re: Missing folder

Do you have any idea of what any of the photographs might be called, or perhaps a member of your family might remember? That could be a help when searching. Have a look at the following program to see if you think it might help you to locate the missing folder:

Everything - voidtools

It looks a bit daunting, so have a look at the FAQ page too:

Everything FAQ - voidtools

Another program which might be useful if you've somehow accidentally deleted the folder is Recuva:

Recuva - Restore deleted files, even if you've emptied the Recycle bin! - Piriform

Both of the above programs will work on Windows 10.

If neither of these things helps and you don't get any other suggestions which help, you could try doing a System Restore to see if the folder re-appears. This may not be much help if you don't know roughly when you last saw the folder, although it could be worth a try! I think it would still be possible in Windows 10 to undo a System Restore if it doesn't achieve what you hoped for.
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Old 12-08-17, 21:03
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Default Re: Missing folder

In Recyle Bin > Properties - what is ticked/unticked ?

Try right click on the Folder the 'missing folder' was in > Restore Previous Versions & wait for report.

Try Search for .JPG (or whatever the file type was). Similar search if you have an image editor like FastStone Image Viewer & let it show all the folders
on your PC and check them for photos (could be time consuming). These assume Folder NOT deleted.

Failing all else download to different drive/partition an 'undelete' app (and again any recovery to different drive/partition from the deleted >


portable can be to flash drive >

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Old 12-08-17, 22:29
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Default Re: Missing folder

Have you any old backups that you may have created since 2010, though I assume you would have already thought about this ?
Even if your backup is an Image backup of your PC, you can still access files within and take a copy.

Any chance that you gave a copy of your missing folder to a relative at that time ?

Lizzy's suggestion usually works for missing files that are actually on your PC.
Have you tried opening your usual image/photo viewer as suggested ? If your photos are/were stored within the Pictures folder they should then be displayed.
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Old 13-08-17, 18:44
Bally1001 Bally1001 is offline
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Default Re: Missing folder

I don't know if you have found your missing folder.....If it was deleted by error, the paid for version of Recuva will miss nothing......If it still exists somewhere, but still invisible, you might like to try "Tree size free" (Jam Software) because MS sneakily stores images in a cache that their file/folder search won't reveal. If not, try Active disk editor (LTechnologies inc)....The latter is very in depth and will reveal every file you have, whether Microsoft likes it or not!.....But it's not for the faint hearted.
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Old 14-08-17, 08:43
Geordie582 Geordie582 is offline
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Default Re: Missing folder

Wow! Thank you everyone for your information. It will take me some time to try everything - but I will. The trouble is I have no idea when the folder disappeared. I don't visit it all that often and many things have happened in the computer line. I changed laptops 3 times because of various failures ( camera on one, microphone on another! ) My backup also failed. Just not my day, is it!. I'll be off line for a while, while I try everything. Thanks again everyone. You can always rely on Web User to come up trumps - even if I still don't find the folder!
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Old 20-08-17, 14:44
Geordie582 Geordie582 is offline
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Default Re: Missing folder

To update you all. Using all methods suggested and finishing with Recuvra - After 7hrs 58min download and 79,300 files scanned, visually if quick, I've come to conclusion the folder is lost forever. Hindered by the majority of pictures presented being labelled "preview not available" and having to guess at contact, then discovering that the same photos were repeated with different identification numbers - and bleary eyed and near suicidal, I give up!
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Old 20-08-17, 15:34
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Default Re: Missing folder

There is another way. Download FreeCommander. Its a search utility.


Click on the search icon in the toolbar (Binoculars on a page).
In File Name, type *jpg
Go down to Search in Folders. Click on the green cross and on All Drives.
At the top right, click on find. It will list every photo on the computer in minutes. Scroll through them and look for familiar names. If you find one, the location of the folder its in will be displayed next to it.
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