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Old 21-06-18, 00:09
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Default Bookmarks missing ;

All my bookmarks are now showing a blank page, how do i get my original files back ?
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Old 21-06-18, 23:19
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Default Re: Bookmarks missing ;

Which browser are you using? Do you happen to have bookmarks in another browser or have you ever made a backup of them? If so, you could probably Import them back into the browser they're missing from at the moment. Otherwise, following are a couple of articles which might be useful:

Recover lost or missing Bookmarks | Firefox Help

Recovering lost bookmarks in Chrome | Computerworld

In the 2nd one the 'Previous Versions' method looks promising. If you're looking for the Firefox folder, it will probably be shown as C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Local\Mozilla rather than C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Local\Firefox.
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Old 22-06-18, 14:14
suttyjosie suttyjosie is offline
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Red face Re: Bookmarks missing ;

Thanks Madeline, i will give them both a try and see what happens
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Old 22-06-18, 18:35
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Default Re: Bookmarks missing ;

If this happens to me I Could retrieve them by a reinstall update of the Browser making sure that the Sync setting >Backup was ON and B You are Logged in for the Browser
It is what make the Browser content Transferable to another Device .works best on PC I have Chrome running on 5 PC's (all different versions and specs) and the personal Contents do match and work 99% of the time .Has to be signed in with my Google account.
Only other Browser I use is Yandex.Browser But that is on 2 of those PC's but they too are sync linked but To add it to another in the Fleet I Install the Browser and Log in with the Yandex login account and all settings are showing on that device only check to do is see if the Sync setting is enabled


From the excellent Yandex support /FAQ pages


Q: Have you another set of Favourites saved elsewhere?
I suppose You could Import these if You Have lost "everything"
Good news is you can Transfer from almost any browser USB folder Ect.
You're Welcome.
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