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Old 26-04-18, 10:33
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Default Re: Can you ChromeCast from an ipad?

Come on guys, give it a rest. Thanks again I am about to get a Chrome Cast and give it a whirl. Please remove this thread if its going to cause agro. Life is to shoooooort.

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Old 26-04-18, 12:21
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Default Re: Can you ChromeCast from an ipad?

I quite agree but mine was an innocent attempt to point out there are some pitfalls with Chromecast but it received a direct quoted contradiction.

The reply could have just been another passed on user experience without the unnecessary quoted contradiction.

Another none aggressive attempt to point out that these negatives were not always the case but never the less ones that I had experienced was responded to in an aggressive manner followed by 'deleted' which leaves the reader in little doubt that a derogatory comment has been thought better of and deleted by then why write deleted so that everybody knows what it was. Why not just delete it and be done.

Then I find my reply which was nothing more than an emoji scratching his head because I didn't understand the reaction has been removed.

So I have simply replied using the same tone as the contradiction which is obviously acceptable as anybody reading this would believe every thing in the chromecast garden is beautiful and that isn't always the case. Simple as that and now I'm done.
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Old 26-04-18, 21:57
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Default Re: Can you ChromeCast from an ipad?

Just going to add my, hopefully non-contentious, two pennorth. In the old days the Chromecast on the Chrome browser was beta. It did say that on the browser after you downloaded the Chromecast extension. It was choppy and the sound was way out of sync and it was unwatchable. Now the Chrome browser has that extension added as part of the browser rather than it being a separate downloadable extension. After I read this OP I did try my Chromcast device, one of the original devices, and now, with the new broswer addon, it is perfect, well almost but that could well be my Chinese telly which is a Hisense Argos cheapie.
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