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Old 19-05-17, 20:20
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Default Re: Problems opening .mht files

As the issue was with their Forum, I sent from here >

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Old 19-05-17, 20:30
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Default Re: Problems opening .mht files

I think that’s the one which has been used before and didn’t generate a reply! If you don’t get a reply, try one of the other email addresses. The forums are for the Avant Browser so are therefore linked to the browser, so there should be a way to get info regardless of where in Avant it comes from.
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Old 20-05-17, 09:43
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Default Re: Problems opening .mht files

Thanks for all the suggestions about the Avant Forum everyone - suppose I should have started another thread for this again, but never mind we are there now !!

I have previously sent several e-mails to the 'admin' address and had no replies.

Thanks, Madeline, for suggesting the other two possible addresses. I have just e-mailed the main 'support' one and I will give it a couple of days - if there is no reply then I will try the 'Jasmine' one.

I wonder if you are only able to register on the forum if you have made a donation?


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