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Old 17-05-17, 15:25
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Default Audacity

26th April 2017 I downloaded the updated version of Audacity, music editor, installation file, to My Downloads folder.

Today, checking something else in the Downloads folder for something unrelated, i.e. downloaded Phone bill, I noticed 3 other folders listed, never aware of before.

These are titled, Nyquist, Languages and Plugins.
Googling Nyquist, all I read is total gobbledy gook to me. As these arrived on the same date and time (17.38), as the Audacity folder could they be essential to this particular program?

If not, what the hell are they? Just hoping they are essential and not some nasties that piggy backed in.

Anyone care to comment, As always would appreciate your help.
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Old 17-05-17, 15:56
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Default Re: Audacity

Yes, it seems to be part of it - http://www.audacityteam.org/about/nyquist/

Here is a list of other Nyquist Plug-ins if you are interested. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Do...quist_Plug-ins
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Old 17-05-17, 16:41
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Default Re: Audacity

If you downloaded the Audacity zip those folders would be within the the zip.

They are also installed in the Audacity folder if you downloaded the Audacity installer version

As per my installed Audacity folder (part of) >

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Old 17-05-17, 17:54
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Default Re: Audacity

Many thanks each for your advice. Will be able to sleep tonight!

As a trial I deleted all four originals then downloaded the single setup file. Followed this with the zip file to another destination. The 'headphones' setup arrived on it's own and all four came in the in the zip.

So just for curiosity sake why the difference? Assuming I can install the updated via the setup file without those other components?
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