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Default xbox app not working

I downloaded Microsoft solitaire card games on my Windows 8 Apps which comes with Daily Challenges there are 5 other games apart from that which are,Klondike,Pyramid,Tripeaks,Spider & Free Cell those 5 work ok but challenges say im not signed in and when I click that sign I get the message"A connection to xbox could not be established,Please check your internet connection and try again" if I then click on the app I get another message saying"Daily challenges require xbox" "Please check your internet connection & confirm you are signed in to xbox to play daily challenges" I Do not own an xbox and I have played this a few weeks ago with no problems, I had a live chat to Microsoft about this who suggested I uninstall and reinstall which I done with no joy,they also said I should go to the App and check overview and Developers Privacy Policy to contact them but I don't know how to do it,as they say Daily Challenges is a third party game.I also contacted xbox who thought I had an xbox console.But as Microsoft own xbox they should know what to advise ive searched google with no luck.
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