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Old 06-08-18, 23:21
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Default WU issue 455

As usual, there's some good stuff in this issue. I liked the item on page 54 about checking to see if my Gmail account is exposed to snoopers! Someting else I found useful were the comments about Opera on page 33 about it getting more like Chrome. As I waver between Vivaldi and Opera much of the time and I don't like Chrome, I think I'll mainly be using Vivaldi in future!
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Old 07-08-18, 09:38
The Badger The Badger is offline
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Default Re: WU issue 455

What about the spelling mistake in the headline on page 11?
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Old 07-08-18, 10:31
Robert Irvine Editor Robert Irvine Editor is offline
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Default Re: WU issue 455

Well spotted, The Badger. We're very embarrassed about that mistake and our sub editor has been suitably reprimanded! Still, there may be worse ways to misspell Fuchsia...

Hope you enjoy the rest of the issue anyway. Thanks for your comments, Madeline.
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