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Old 27-06-18, 18:36
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Smile Wow! Thanks but no change felt

Thought I'd share this with you
Just had 2 unscheduled Speed Boosts on this Landline (this week) and The numbers as I can reveal in a moment are , in the 2nd Phase "silly money"
My original speed was @ New year 2018 Ca 3000 Kbps/930 kb And was expanding my LAN connections Pretty stable (45 Ping)
Then just before Easter the line speed increased to 4033 Kbps / 950 kbps / 35 ping
Now this pair which I did not ask for or expect
First was 5000 kbps/ 950 kbps Ping untested. estimate in the 20's
Now my silly money (as of the post time) Declaration 7033 kbps/952 kbps
as for the ping(same location) this is Just 14 when I ran the Speedtest app which gives a much lower router value when viewed from the server as you can see from this screenshot.
I use the method to see the speed .Does not Ping Test unless I make a direct Command line request
Only Con
While the big Download number & Ping Numbers are Amazing the UpStream Connection Speed Number Value is virtually Static @ 950 to 952 Kbps
I'm certain it's been in the low 1000's a few years ago so is there any tips on this? Is it Connection box or Exchange related?
BTW Have not had the current Router updated on Firmware nor changed to a Spare.
You're Welcome.
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Old 27-06-18, 20:58
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Default Re: Wow! Thanks but no change felt

What contract "Up To" speed are you on? With BT "Up To" 17Mbps I was getting 10-14ms ping, 5-6 Mbps Download and around 2 Mbps upload from Manchester server. Changing to TalkTalk "Up To" 38 Mbps I got orginally typically 15-20 Mbps but they guarantee 25 so I complained. They changed the downfeed telephone wire and updated the Router firmware so I now get 10-11 ping, 26-30 download and just over 6 upload from Manchester TNP.

I didn't notice any real difference between 5 and 15 Mbps download. The increase was noticeable only from 20Mbps upwards.

Try alternative servers in the Speed Tester. I found some servers nearer to me were slower than the one 50 miles away.
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Old 27-06-18, 23:03
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Default Re: Wow! Thanks but no change felt

Enter the URL tt.care in Firefox (it doesn't work in IE) and you will get you the option to run TT's speed tester.

Wire up initially to check your max available speed and then see what that drops to on wireless.

The ADSL speed you get is dependant upon the amount of and quality of wire as well as joints between you and the exchange.

Dividing your Downstream Attenuation by 13.81 will give you the amount of cable in kms.

However, bad joints or increased resistance can increase your Downstream Attenuation which will impact your speed.
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Old 28-06-18, 03:07
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Default Re: Wow! Thanks but no change felt

To All, my Talktalk speed quote is "Up to 6mbps" so "7"is a bit of a fluke OK?
Moving on I thought I 'd check what the Talktalk blurb said about my. Postcode as regards to upgrading to Fibre broadband and we entered our Details in and what showed did not make sense
As I said the advertised speed was up to 6mbps, but fibre broadband was not listed and get this, I entered both of the properties either side of our house, same block, and they got the full power Offer from 35 mbps+! We got nowt extra And to compound this, the price is a full Fiver less than I'm paying OK, it's for a shorter contract length , looking at other companies choices They haven't got any matching deals. So it's Talktalk "again" when we decide to go for the upgrade.
You're Welcome.
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