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Old 17-01-18, 19:21
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Default Re: Skype update lost account.

Just had another look at this as I now want to know for myself. I'm currently using Windows 7 and don't have Skype installed on my W7 OS or infact on my W10 OS. I use it on my W8.1 netbook so haven't yet updated it there to see if I get the same. Although it's still looking to me that could possibly have just created an additional accounts which has no credit loaded to it and your original account is still there on your computer.

Reason ... it looks like the newly updated version of Skype on W10 installs a completely new version of SkypeRT in a different locaton to the original Skype and the credit from your old account is not transferred.

The good news suggests that the original version of skype should still be on your computer and apparently should still connect to your old account where the credit should still be.

Apparently the new version is supposed to install to. C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Skype\SkypeRT (from memory you may have to click show hidden folders on W10 for that but as I said I'm booted into W7 etc. but you don't want to get at the new version anyway)

Your original version should still be in. C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe, you can either click on ..Skype.exe .. to start the original version from the folder location or right click on Skype.exe and select create shortcut to put a shortcut on the windows desktop in the usual way for your OS.

It also seems that your worry about deleting the new account could, as your contacts suggested, may effect your old account adversely. If the above works it is probably best to leave the new RT account in place and just delete the shortcut to it until your credit has been used up.
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Old 19-01-18, 17:18
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Default Re: Skype update lost account.

Thanks Jak, Good News is i went back to my Download History,and clicked a file that dated back 6 months, Skype , re installed, i had earlier uninstalled all Skype from install list. I got back my old account along with the Credit. No Updates from now on. Thanks again,
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