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Old 20-12-17, 11:00
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Default data recovery from old hdd

hi. ive had this problem before a few years ago but i cant remember how i sorted it. im using an old hdd in an external caddy and am trying to recover some files from it. when i try to open any files it says that i do not have permission to access the folder. i know that i have to take ownership of the files but i dont know how to do this in windows 10. any hints you may have would be very helpful. thanks.
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Old 20-12-17, 11:18
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Default Re: data recovery from old hdd

Right-click the file, folder or disc and choose Properties from the Context menu. In the Property Box select the Security tab. Near the bottom is a button labelled Advanced, click that and a new detailed box will pop up and at the top you get the option to change ownership (you need to be an administrative user).

A new dialog will allow you to select a new owner. Type your user name into the "Enter the ..." and click Check Names this should produce your machine name/user name. Click OK

In the new dialog box you may need to check the two options "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and "Replace all child object permissions..." click OK. This can take a while, particularly if you take ownership of the HDD.

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Old 20-12-17, 14:06
pete.i pete.i is offline
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Default Re: data recovery from old hdd

I'm not saying DavidNewton is wrong, to be honest I wouldn't know as I have never had to do that when I have had to recover files using a caddy and Windows 10. All the personal files will be in the User folder on the hard drive. If you try to open that Using Windows 10 it will say that "you do not have permission to view this folder." It will also say, in that box, To view these files click continue. Clicking continue will activate the privacy parameters and a green loading bar will traverse the screen and eventually the user folder and all it's subfolders and the files contained in those folders will become visible.

At least that is the way it has always worked for me and I have done dozens. Obviously the external hard drive in the caddy must be working. Also this method will not work if ther folders have been passworded.
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Old 24-12-17, 15:50
dieseldonkey dieseldonkey is offline
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Default Re: data recovery from old hdd

hi sorry its took a while to reply, DavidNewton, your method worked. i had used this on my attempts to open the files. i had ticked "Replace all child object permissions..." but i somehow managed to miss the tickbox for "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects". all is now well so thanks for the help. .....DD
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