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Old 17-12-17, 08:10
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Default Copying 5 x 7 photo with Canon MG5750

I am trying to copy an old school photo for a friend using 6 x 4 Glossy print card. The problem is that although I am manually setting it up with all the correct details and "fit to Page" setting, it keeps chopping the photo in half. Where am I going wrong?

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Old 17-12-17, 09:28
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Default Re: Copying 5 x 7 photo with Canon MG5750

I gave up trying to use those a long time ago. I could never get the pictures to fully fit on the card. I know this is a waste but even glossy paper is cheap enough these days. I scan in A4 mode print it on an A4 sheet of glossy paper then cut it out. Usually I do try to put other pictures that want to print on the same sheet but not always. I'm sure there will be a way but to be honest life is just too short and A4 glossy paper just too cheap for me to worry about it.
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