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Old 25-11-17, 20:40
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Default Something to Investigate: A Dual band WLAN Wifi Repeater (ex Aldi)

If you have a Homeplug Network Set up why go to the Expense of a Homeplug WiFi extender when a Wifi Repeater will Do almost the same Job and is More secure (I Have Just purchased 2 from Aldi to Help with My PS4 console (and the other as a spare) Here is what they do and Look Like
And the Speed is 300Mbps Which Is fast enough for Downloading Updates in the Background It is fitted with 2 Internal aerials (Range radius unknown) One Niggle there was an setup App (CD) shown on the German site but
I suspect its accessible without install Via in the browser toolbar Details are in the Manual/Booklet

That User Manual booklet is quite thick with lots of diagrams.(all English) and there is a 3 year user warranty too

Price ? Well ,Similar products are In the 20 to 70 Pounds range But When I saw Aldi's Price It was an Instant buy @ 9 Pounds.99. Reduced to 6.99 >Not listed as a Black Friday Item

They also have had a Medion Brand Version Out Same spec But cannot find the Stock number (Ex Aldi)
Should you want to Try buy locate one of these Aldi's Stock reference is 9273013 or Try Keyword Maginon WLR-510
Dual Band WLAN amplifier
see what turns up?
You're Welcome.
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Old 26-11-17, 08:23
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Default Re: Something to Investigate: A Dual band WLAN Wifi Repeater (ex Aldi)

Bedstor, my experience of Medion products is that they are impossible to get hold of for anything.

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