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Old 24-07-17, 18:21
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Default File Associations

I have been trying to help a friend with problems. I hope this is the right place. If not perhaps someone could move it to where it should go.

My friend has a computer, two years old OS Windows 8.1. She recently took the computer into one of the bigger computer dealers/stores. She asked if the could "clean" it for her. What she wanted was to have the PC physically cleaned inside. (She has a pet parrot who spends a lot of time on or near her desk. The bird sheds feathers and dust constantly and it did not take long for the new PC to start clogging up.)

The boy who did the job assumed she that she wanted the "junk" and unwanted files and progs, removed and proceded to reset the PC to factory settings. He did put her documents, files and photos, etc. on disc, so she didn't lose her work, but the one thing which is causing her a great deal of bother is the file associations. Nearly everything now opens with one or another Windows Program. For instance; she uses "Paint Shop Pro"
to edit photos and design graphics but none of these will now open in PSP , only in "Windows Paint." When she trys to change this, PSP never comes up as an option and when she browses for it it doesn't come up as being on the computer at all.

Can anyone suggest what she can do. I am trying to help her but I have never used Windows 8.1 as I went straight from Vista to 10. to Win.10.

Thanks in advance,

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Old 24-07-17, 18:30
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Default Re: File Associations

Sounds as if PSP has been 'lost' in the reset and needs to be re-installed first.
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Old 25-07-17, 09:49
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Default Re: File Associations

Thank you Stewart. If I remember rightly I think she said she go it off her her external HD. I assumed that she had reinstalled it but I think it more likely she just copied and pasted it.
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